Are You a Teeth Grinder? Top Teeth Grinding Treatments and Solutions Here

Are you a teeth grinder? Save your teeth and your smile—check out these top teeth grinding treatments and solutions today!

If you grind your teeth at night, you aren’t alone. As many as 30 to 40 million Americans grind their teeth. With so many people suffering from this condition, it may not seem like a big deal. 

This is not the case, and grinding can cause significant wearing away and damage to your teeth. If you find yourself grinding, then you need to seek out teeth grinding treatments. 

Use this guide to determine if you suffer from teeth grinding and what you can do about it. 

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth?

For some, grinding is a result of stress or anxiety. For others, it happens at night due to missing or crooked teeth. A third possible cause is sleep apnea or some other sleeping disorder. 

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

If grinding happens while you sleep, how do you know if you do it? Look for signs such as a constant, dull headache, or a sore jaw when you wake up. If you sleep next to someone, they can report if they hear you grinding at night. 

A dentist can look at your teeth and examine your jaw for signs of bruxism. 

Why Is Grinding Bad? 

The worst cases of grinding result in cracked or lost teeth. Long term grinding will wear your teeth down. This will require you to get root canals, crowns, dental implants, partial dentures, or bridges. 

Damage can extend to your jawbone and make TMD/TMJ worse. This could eventually change the shape of your face. 

Teeth Grinding Treatments

There are a few things you can do to prevent grinding and protect your teeth when you do. Many of them require lifestyle changes. 

Night Guard 

Your dentist can take a mold of your teeth and create a custom-fitted night guard. It will slip over your teeth in a similar fashion to a retainer. It won’t stop you from grinding, but it will protect your teeth when you do. 

They’re made from acrylic or plastic. Simply slip the guard over your teeth before you go to bed. 


It doesn’t matter if you head to the gym for a serious sweat session or just go for a stroll around the block. Getting up and getting your blood pumping can relieve stress and burn excess energy. 


Think of ways to help you relax and release stress or anxiety. This could be giving yourself a massage before bed. Or you could take a warm bath. Try adding bath salts or burning a candle that smells of lavender, jasmine, valerian, or vanilla. These scents trigger your body to relax

Skip Alcohol and Caffeine 

Both alcohol and caffeine can make grinding worse. Skip any drinks that contain either in the evening and before you head to bed. 

Seek Treatment for Your Grinding 

Grinding your teeth is a habit that you shouldn’t ignore. If you determine that you grind from stress or anxiety, then look for ways to change your habits and reduce your stress. If you grind at night, then look for ways to protect your teeth while you sleep. 

It’s also important to work with a dentist that’s familiar with this condition and available teeth grinding treatments. They can monitor the condition of your teeth and address any developments. 

If you suffer from teeth grinding contact our office today 

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