Do you need Jaw Reconstructive Surgery?

Jaw reconstructive surgery is a serious procedure that requires proper preparation and in many cases the assistance of multiple dental and cosmetic specialists. An oral surgeon can perform the basic wiring or setting of the jawbone, but the cause of the injury may have led to a need for other work. For instance, in the case of a car accident, facial lacerations may be present and teeth may have been broken. The jaw is only part of the problem. The rest needs to be addressed in a systematic fashion. If you are in a situation like that, the Oral and Facial Surgery Center is the right place to go for help.

In the case of a fractured jaw, there are times when wiring can be avoided by using a system of plates and screws that will allow the patient to function better and recover more quickly after the surgery. The process is known as “rigid fixation” and is fairly new, but it’s practiced here at our office by Dr. Reed Day, one of the country’s premier specialists in that area. He has proven that rigid fixation is not only effective, but also leaves less scars and long term effects on the patient. It is also, of course, much more attractive than having to communicate through a wired jaw.

A broken or fractured jaw often comes with a mouthful of broken teeth, so you can expect to have to undergo additional procedures to repair or replace those teeth. If you’ve just been in an accident and teeth have come out, get them into a glass of warm water or milk as soon as possible. We can re-implant them back into your jaw, provided the damage is not too extensive. In cases where it is, we can reconstruct your teeth using implants or bridges. Modern dental technology provides us a lot of options when it comes to replacing or repairing broken teeth.

Of all the painful injuries you can suffer, a broken jaw is one of the most traumatic and difficult to recover from. Eating and speaking are two things we tend to take for granted until they’re taken away from us. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent situation and the recovery time is much shorter than it ever has been. With new techniques like rigid fixation, other people might not notice your condition at all.

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