Get Them Out of Here! How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Is it time to get your wisdom teeth extracted? What does the average wisdom teeth removal cost? We walk you through the typical price tag here.

Around 10 million wisdom teeth are pulled out every year. Over 75% of people can’t successfully grow out these pesky teeth without problems, so in most cases, you need to get them out.

If you’ve been feeling some pain lately, then you most likely fall into this category. But you may have heard extraction is expensive, and you’re probably worried about how much of a dent in your wallet this procedure will be.

In this article, we’ll discuss wisdom teeth removal cost and what you can expect.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Factors

In general, you won’t find one set price for wisdom teeth removal. This is because the price can vary, depending on how difficult the extraction is.

For instance, a simple extraction costs around $100. But if your tooth is heavily impacted, this can cost between $230 and $340, or even more.

Generally, a dentist will charge less than an oral surgeon. However, dentists may not be able to perform more complicated extractions and will refer you to an oral surgeon instead.

Also, if you get all 4 removed at once, the dentist or surgeon may offer you a discount, as you’re not coming back for repeat visits; these would cost extra in terms of time and equipment used.

Type of Anesthesia Used

Another factor that heavily impacts wisdom tooth extraction costs is the type of anesthesia you choose.

For example, you’d only usually need local anesthesia to numb the area around your wisdom tooth. You definitely need this, as without it, it’d be extremely painful (if not impossible) to make it through the extraction. Local anesthesia will cost around $300.

You can also choose to be put under if you’re very anxious about pain and discomfort. However, general anesthesia is very expensive; some surgeons charge $500 per hour.

Another option is nitrous oxide. This can help you relax for the extraction and you won’t go unconscious; you may doze off, but you won’t be completely unconscious. For nitrous oxide, this may cost anywhere from $50 to $100.

Ask About Payment Plans

If you’re struggling financially, rest assured the majority of dental offices will have payment options available. No amount of money is worth compromising your health for, so make sure to always ask about payment plans.

The majority of private dental insurance plans cover wisdom teeth extractions, so make sure you provide the dental office with that information so you get part or all of your procedure covered.

Stop Your Pain and Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Now that you have a better idea on wisdom teeth removal cost, you can make a better choice for your financial situation. But seeing as impacted wisdom teeth can cause some serious problems, it’s best not to wait.

If you have wisdom teeth that are bothering you, feel free to make an appointment with us. Dr. Day would be happy to help you with your troublesome teeth.

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