How to Prepare for Oral Surgery Procedures

How to Prepare for Oral Surgery Procedures

With a little preparation, oral surgery can go more smoothly than expected. Find out here how to prepare for oral surgery procedures.

Each year, 5 million people head to their oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth removal is just one of several reasons for oral surgery procedures. 

If you are facing oral surgery, you may feel nervous about what is about to happen. One way to ease this anxiety is to prepare for your procedure. 

Follow these helpful tips, and you will be ready to go when your surgery date arrives. 

Preparing for Oral Surgery Procedures

The step in preparing for your oral procedure is to discuss the surgery in detail with your surgeon. Whether it is wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, impacted canines, or frenectomy, you should understand every step of the procedure. 

This is about your body and health, so no question is silly or stupid. Do not leave anything unspoken. A quality oral surgeon cares about you and wants you to feel comfortable with the procedure. 

This is also the time for you to speak up and let your surgeon know of any health conditions you have. You should also include any drugs, prescription or otherwise, that you take. This prevents any complications while during surgery. 

Check Your Insurance 

Before you go through with surgery, check that your insurance covers the procedure. This way, you aren’t hit with a huge bill later on. If your insurance doesn’t cover it, at least you have time to prepare and save. 

Arrange Transportation 

Do not try to fool yourself into thinking you can drive after oral surgery. People often underestimate the significance of oral surgery. It is best to have a friend or family member drive you home afterward. 

Arrange Post-Surgery Care  

If you live alone, you may want to have someone stay with you for a day or two after surgery. This way, you have someone to help take care of daily tasks and care for you while you recover. It is also useful in case there is a complication, and you need immediate medical attention. 

If you have children, arrange for someone to care for them. If this isn’t possible, try to have everything they need to be done in advance. This means pre-making meals and arranging for alternate transportation to and from school. 

Dress for Surgery Day 

This isn’t a fashion show, so dress comfortably. Wear a short-sleeved loose shirt so that the dentist can easily add your IV drip. 

Consider wearing something you don’t care about. The dentist and his team will do everything in their power to not stain your garments, but sometimes things happen. 

Skip the jewelry; you’ll likely be asked to remove it anyway. Don’t wear your contacts. They could damage your eyes since you’ll have your eyes shut for the length of time you are under anesthesia. 

Are You Ready for Yours?

When it comes to preparing for oral surgery procedures, you need to think about getting everything done in advance. That way, there is nothing for you to do post-surgery but rest and heal. 

Having everything done will allow you to relax, and you won’t be tempted to get up and move about before you should. 

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