Impacted Wisdom Teeth can cause you Excruciating Pain

Have you ever noticed that a problem with one tooth can cause pain throughout the entire mouth? Many patients come in to have a tooth removed and are shocked when they find out which one is actually causing the problem. In some cases, the culprit isn’t even visible to the naked eye. An impacted wisdom tooth, one that is buried under the gum and pushing against other teeth down below, can cause you excruciating pain that fills your entire mouth, not just one small area. Simple acts like chewing and swallowing become difficult and surgery may be necessary.

Here at the Oral and Facial Surgery Center, we remove impacted wisdom teeth by pulling the overlapping skin away from the top of the tooth and removing it gently, under anesthetic of course. The procedure is common, safe, and takes very little time to perform. The relief that it brings is instant. The minor pain you feel from the extraction is nothing compared to the pain you feel from the impaction. Left unchecked, that pain and the condition that caused it could have serious long term effects on you.

Wisdom teeth, also classified as the third molar, are often removed to avoid overcrowding on the jaw line and infections in the back of the mouth. They are difficult to clean and therefore susceptible to plaque build-up and tooth decay. Wisdom teeth removal early on, even when they first come in, is usually a good idea, but not always. Speak with your regular dentist before you come in to see us for removal. Chances are he’ll recommend that you have the wisdom teeth pulled, even if they’re not impacted, but make sure you get all the information about the process before you move forward.

Our goal as an oral surgery center is to provide you the relief from pain and discomfort associated with conditions like impacted wisdom teeth and more serious conditions like jaw pain, sleep apnea, and facial deformities or obstacles. We also operate to alleviate nerve damage, some of which can be caused by impacted wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing pain in your mouth and don’t know why, the cause could be a tooth hidden below the gum line. Come see us and we’ll eliminate it for you.

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