What is an Orthognathic Surgery Specialist?

Most people are familiar with the term “orthodontist”. Many of us have had to deal with at least one orthodontic procedure in our lifetime, whether it was braces, plates, or any other type of correctional dental appliance or apparel, but what exactly is an orthognathic surgery specialist? It sounds like a term to describe something to do with the mouth. Is it just another fancy word to describe your dentist? The answer is, of course, no. Orthognathic surgery is a category all its own, and it refers to work done on the jaw, such as reconstructive jaw surgery or overbite surgery.

Dr. Reed Day is the orthognathic surgeon metro Phoenix dental patients turn to most often when they need jaw surgery or corrective jaw alignments. He has over twenty five years experience in the field and is considered one of the premier orthognathic surgeons in the country. Other dentists in Phoenix refer patients to him all the time, one of the highest compliments a professional can receive – acknowledgement by his peers. If you are suffering from any type of jaw injury or pain resulting from a jaw condition which could be corrected, you have come to the right place.

Orthognathic surgeons can help you with problems ranging from wisdom teeth extraction to a broken or fractured jaw. Dr. Day also performs sleep apnea surgery, lingual nerve surgery, and overbite and underbite surgery. If you have failed dental implants in your mouth, he can remove them and if you’ve been looking for an orthognathic surgeon in Scottsdale and can’t find one, he would be happy to assist you. We see patients from throughout Arizona here at the Oral and Facial Surgery Center. Some even fly in from other states to see Dr. Day.

Orthodontics is still alive and well, so don’t think we’ve eliminated the need for them with orthognathic surgeons. When it comes to physical conditions that affect the human body, we can never have enough specialists. Some surgeons focus solely on heart conditions, others are gastrointestinal specialists. Dr. Day has spent a quarter century studying and applying techniques to correct problems in the jaw. That type of expertise and experience is what you need when you want to correct a problem.

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