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Dr. Day is my hero. I had headaches all day, every day for 15 years. Dr Day immediately knew what my issue was and began steps to fix my jaw.
Dr. Day extracted my impacted wisdom tooth a week ago, and it was the easiest extraction I’ve ever had. He got that tooth out in 60 seconds!
He is fast, kind and the kids are so comfortable with him. Perfect balance of great bedside manner and stellar skills.
Dr. Day is amazing! After x-rays were taken it was no wonder!! His staff is great and the ladies are always so nice.
When it came to everything involved with my wisdom teeth and my future procedure, he answered all of my questions and made me feel extremely comfortable with the procedure.
Very efficient with a difficult tooth extraction. No pain during extraction and no pain during recovery. The best. John Arnold
I recently had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Day and this doctor is AMAZING and everything from the consultation to the procedure and even the recovery went extremely smooth.
His office staff got me in right away and were very friendly. The day of surgery also went smoothly, Dr Day put me at ease... no pain.
Great doctor!
I was nervous and they had one lady dedicated to holding my hand and ensuring I was comfortable.
The entire staff is caring, professional and accommodating. I am so grateful for this.
Dr Day and his WHOLE team are real pro's. They have a customer first attitude with no BS. All the negative years of oral surgeons from past experiences as a...
THE REAL DEAL. NO JOKE. My dentist told me to get my wisdom pulled because it would be cheaper pulling it in the long run versus continually filling it. I'm...
Absolutely amazed 👍 I've been putting off my wisdom teeth remov for many years now due to being overly nervous of the pain.
Dr. Day immediately recognized my problem and with great expertise and COMPASSION, resolved my condition.
very efficient, respectful of needed care, professional staff, on time
Dr Day and his staff are top notch, personable and caring. I'm glad I found them and I WILL be back! :)
The entire staff is phenomenal. Warm and welcome atmosphere. They are informative but they keep things clear and simple.
Dr. Day and his staff were absolutely lovely and extremely helpful. I went in last year to get all 4 wisdom teeth out.
I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Day, his staff ( especially Danielle), and my overall experience!