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I got my wisdom teeth out here due to a family friend's recommendation and it went great.
Dr. Day immediately recognized my problem and with great expertise and COMPASSION, resolved my condition.
I had a great experience and Danielle was super nice to me. The front office was very professional and they were nice as well.
Dr. Day is especially careful, loving and diligent with myself and my family's oral surgical needs. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Day is incredibly skilled and attentive, and his staff provides exceptional service!
Excellent doctor and staff. Quick and virtually painless. I highly recommend Dr Day.
Dr. Day is absolutely amazing at what he does. He executes even the simplest procedures with perfection.
I was nervous and they had one lady dedicated to holding my hand and ensuring I was comfortable.
Amazing Dr and staff. I was in shambles over a very painful tooth and he and his assistant and staff were just wonderful.
I ended up needing 4 surgeries — to save you self time, you can just skip to the 4th surgery so I can tell you why Dr. Day is a godsend. Is.
Our patients report nothing but the best care and more importantly the best outcomes.
I want to thank Dr. Day and his staff for an amazing office visit! I was a little nervous about going in, but Dr. Day soon put me at ease.
His staff was so nice and very professional.
I'm honored to highly recommend this skilled oral surgeon and his professional staff.
The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly with prompt answers to any and all of my questions. My procedures were quick and painless.
Dr. Day extracted my impacted wisdom tooth a week ago, and it was the easiest extraction I’ve ever had. He got that tooth out in 60 seconds!
He’s the best!! One visit is all it takes as you & all your friends and family will be patients for life!
She couldnt believe how painless and smooth the procedure went, also that she'd waited so long get this procedure done as it only took him about 2mins.
I was very pleased with his professionalism and his staff.
This whole experience was painless from the surgery itself, too the scheduling ect....