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I want to thank Dr. Day and his staff for an amazing office visit! I was a little nervous about going in, but Dr. Day soon put me at ease.
His staff is professional and caring. I'd do it again.
The entire staff is caring, professional and accommodating. I am so grateful for this.
I had a great experience and Danielle was super nice to me. The front office was very professional and they were nice as well.
Dr. Day is the best surgeon out there. Would recommend to anyone!!
Everyone in the office is kind and does there best to make your experience as comfortable and quick as possible.
I was nervous and they had one lady dedicated to holding my hand and ensuring I was comfortable.
Dr. Day is amazing! Thank you for all you do for my friends and family!
Dr. Reed Day is an amazing doctor! Staff is super supportive and helpful. Danielle is so sweet. Kim is also one of the best!
Healing has been great compared to horror stories I have heard from almost everyone else.
Dr. Day is incredibly skilled and attentive, and his staff provides exceptional service!
very efficient, respectful of needed care, professional staff, on time
THE REAL DEAL. NO JOKE. My dentist told me to get my wisdom pulled because it would be cheaper pulling it in the long run versus continually filling it. I'm...
Very efficient with a difficult tooth extraction. No pain during extraction and no pain during recovery. The best. John Arnold
Everyone is nice, professional, experienced... service was on time, painless and efficient...
Now I am a new person with no pain, more energy and a new front tooth placed perfectly which no else would guarantee. Thank you all.
Amazing Dr and staff. I was in shambles over a very painful tooth and he and his assistant and staff were just wonderful.
Dr. Day is especially careful, loving and diligent with myself and my family's oral surgical needs. I highly recommend him.
She couldnt believe how painless and smooth the procedure went, also that she'd waited so long get this procedure done as it only took him about 2mins.
Dr. Day extracted my impacted wisdom tooth a week ago, and it was the easiest extraction I’ve ever had. He got that tooth out in 60 seconds!